Fri Jun 30, A “winmodem” is really just an interface for the RJ phone jacks. A single common driver is used for modems in this family which can be made from a number of different chip combinations. The Winmodems are just “slot warmers” as we like to call them in the reseller industry. I think a lot of people with lt win modem and windows xp have these problems. These modems are as good as any of the non winmodems.

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A major factor with 56k is the firmware: Who makes good modems?

What exactly is a “Winmodem” and why so cheap? Who makes good modems?

Sat Jul 01, 7: Then a hardware modem is the only way to go. The existing modem will be removed, and the modem will be re-installed with a new name LT Win Modem or Lucent Win Modem depending upon the driver version. Basically, any modem that lists a Pentium something in its system requirements is a Winmodem.

Believe it or not – I think this inexpensive Win Modem is one of the best 56k modems available today!


Also, what manufacturer do you recommend? The guy with the fastest connect speed lusentt I work has a winmodem, but the modem has modsm to do with the speed he connects at.

Note – Lucent has produced “generic” upgrade releases designed to setup and upgrade all LT-based modems. All the “experts” say they are crud. Where to find Driver. Fri Jun 30, Non Lucent winmodems are troublesome and are best avoided. How is Creative Modem Blaster?

The easiest way to tell which DSP your modem uses is to look at the modem card itself. Not sure this really means anything. The latest DSP, Mars 3.

On the box, look for an indication that it uses the Lucent also known as LT chip. One advantage is the ease of updating the modem’s firmware – the modem does not need to be flashed.

Lucent LT Win Modem – Index

Lussnt Jul 01, 3: The driver that is installed is probably the XP native PnP one. Do I have to buy a “faxmodem” to send faxes from my computer? My 56k external crapped out on me over the weekend, and now I’m in need of a new one. Nobody mentioned if the US Robotics Winmodem is reliable, well-made, etc.


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Contact Email us Tell us what you think. Try running Seti while your downloading something I don’t intend to use anything but Windows and I have an Athlon Wed Jul 05, 8: The LT modem uses the V.

In some cases notably Compaq-supplied If you lusnt that you might want to try Linux or Be, or if you have a slower less than a P CPU, go with an external or internal non-winmodem. Lucent dosn’t make modems Who else can you recommend? Unless of course you don’t do Windows.

Feb 15, Posts: Could I use a modem that does not specifically say “voice” to use wi computer as a telephone?