The large buttons are very suitable for touchscreen operation. We are here to help! An oscilloscope toolbar and channel toolbars are available for each detected Handyscope. The convenient toolbars provide clear buttons for all settings of the oscilloscope and its channels. Read more about the Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

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Handyscope HS3 | MS/s bit dual channel USB oscilloscope with function generator

Read more on the Multimeter Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. Measuring between two distant points is now no problem anymore. Simple Safe Parallel Reaction Sampling. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. Tell us what you need by filling in the form.

But, for customers who want to extend their measuring capabilities even further, this powerful computer controlled measuring instrument features four isolated differential input channels. Reliable Durable Quality tested Additional Information: TiePie CDS technology generates true scoep point-by-point arbitrary waveforms with exceptionally low jitter and high fidelity.

An arbitrary waveform generator is an instrument that can generate repetitive or single shot signals. Many Instruments in One. Don’t have an hancy This makes it the ideal instrument to perform measurements in high voltage circuits, amplifiers, switch mode power supplies, power inverters etc. Because of the differential input, it is not possible to create a short circuit to ground through the oscilloscope.


When using a gauge display, it can be very helpful when adjusting a circuit for a specific property, e. The arbitrary waveform generator allows the user to generate test signals for measurements in any shape desired. Read more on channel toolbars Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number.

Optical Instruments Optical Instruments Ys3 Five year warranty W5.

Handyscope HS6 DIFF

The MHz high bandwidth ensures that the signals are measured accurately and without distortion. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. With a conventional oscilloscope with standard probes this is not possible. A major advantage of the HandyScope measuring instrument is the ability to work with third party software tools through the use of a Windows Dynamic Link Library DLL file.

NI offers cameras for industrial inspection tasks Added: The Handyscope HS4 features a user selectable 12 bit, 14 bit or 16 bit resolution 14 bit effective, SNR 95 dBmV V full scale input range, Ksamples record length per channel and a sampling frequency up to 50 MHz on all four channels simultaneously.


Hs33 is also possible to monitor e.

Both an analog and a digital TTL external trigger input are located at the rear of the instrument. Uwb standard signal shapes are available and it is possible to regenerate previous measured signals.

The captured data can be viewed in many different ways, in a single graph or in multiple views, each displaying the required property of the measured data. A professional USB oscilloscope Base price: Safe to use Easy to operate Available in various specifications.

You can set the button size, add or remove buttons and change the order of the buttons. The signals can have a predefined standard shape like a sine wave or a square wave as in a conventional function generator. The Handyscope HS3 is a powerful computer controlled measuring instrument that consists of four measuring instruments: Colors of all items in a graph can be set to any required value.