The below snippet made me think just to enable the first two. Many people with the macbook will be going back and forth between gentoo and OSX and maybe even windows. Otherwise, you will be shown all the bootup information on system startup. Intel Terminates e-Mail Support for i If you will be compiling your kernel for these CPUs, you must completely remove support for the in-kernel driver as shown above. Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. On Fri, Nov 7, at 8:

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It seems the above mentioned kernel config doesn’t include Bluetooth. I’m beginning to think that the only palatable solution is to throw a pair of Matrox PCI cards in the expansion bus and use genyoo with the VESA drivers, leaving out support for the i altogether. This will prevent the silent mode of genplash from running correctly, Fbsplash will change to verbose mode.

Gentoo on Apple MacBook – Saved from the Gentoo Linux Wiki

If your display lists the wrong resolution over DDC, you have to manually specify the right resolution. Good digging around on your part!


In Gnome add gnome-power-manager to add brightness key support. Just build ‘SysKonnect Yukon2’ into the kernel and i8110 is well. For uvesafb you will have to patch your kernel, which doesnt run very smoothly on the gentoo kernel.

If you’re having this problem, try the following kernel config instead:. Intel Terminates e-Mail Support for i It has been suggested that this article be split into multiple articles accessible from a disambiguation or index page.

If gentpo using sound as modules, then you should be able to just run:.

This example includes a Windows partition. To do, add the following to your. I haven’t tested this for other moduses of suspending because I only use s2ram.


Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Instead, we’re going to remake the genkernel initrd image with special options for Fbsplash.

MacBooks made prior to November use the Atheros chipset with the Alternatively you can use suspend2 to save to disk which is very simple and is completely outlined below under suspend to disk. An ebuild using gentoo’s specifics would be a nice touch. Bob P Advocate Joined: Wed May 11, 2: Wife is not happy with my at the moment. Here’s how I did it with the alsa-driver ebuild and portage:.


You have to touch initramfs image to make sure it will ii810 compiled into your new kernel: For reference see this. Additionally, it may help to include some of the following USE flags: Either way, I’m still stuck at x I am not exactly sure which branch of the configuration it is in, just keep your eyes open.

But maybe it helps for you guys too? A patch has just been added to enable two finger click transforms e.

Apple MacBook

If you want to change it e. Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of genntoo. The touchpad uses a specialized module appletouch to connect with the standard touchpad driver synaptics. Mon Sep 19, If you are unable to use your mouse to focus the terminals, you can also press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill the X server.