Introduction Did you know? Device rev ca The System x adapters are supported in the servers listed in the following tables. Related product families Product families related to this document are the following: Now following this thread , I restarted the lpfc driver:. The closest manual I found is this one v1.

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Essential modules for booting corporration be kept in the linux-image package, whilst auxiliary can be kept in the -extra package. Lightpulse fibre channel host adapter rev 03 then, one can use the following systools command to see the class device path or alternatively, the pci device path where the statistics subdirectories can be found for the fibre channel hosts.

The System x adapters are supported in the servers listed in the following tables. Log in to your red hat account red hat customer portal.

I owe you half of the solution, thanks Greg! A current list of Lenovo trademarks is available on the Web at https: After that, as stated by GregL, I needed to partition the device, and then format it with a given file system.

I don’t own your product, so trust the documentation more than you trust me. Part number information The following tables list the ordering information. Afterwards, I formatted the partition with filesystem xfs I was already using that filesystem for my other partitions: Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Here are the logs. Lp fibre channel host bus adapter 4gb fibre channel.

Updating firmware on an Emulex or QLogic Fibre Channel HBA on HP Proliant

Server support The following table lists the ThinkSystem servers that are compatible. Figure 1 shows the single-port and dual-port adapters.

Can you try installing linux-image-extra to the package szturn-x for installing the 4. Finally, how do I make these disks appear on my server point of view? Now that I’ve supposedly presented the disks to my server, I want to mount that storage space as a filesystem on my server.

Thank you for your feedback. I’ve followed the user guide of the Disk Array, I’ve been able to connect to it remotely from the server, and I have done all the necessary configuration Creating a Raid 1 storage pool of 2 disks, creating a virtual disk from that pool to present the corporatioon to the server, present the virtual disk to the host with a LUN number, This article will show you the mapping from physical hba card to luns, i use san as example below, in general, its also applys to any other devices whichever use sysfs, for example direct sas connect.

Emulex Corporation Saturn-X: LightPulse Fibre Channel Host Adapter Other | Ubuntu

The closest manual I found is this one v1. Server support Operating system support Operating environment Warranty Related publications Related cirporation families Trademarks. However, emcs navisphere server utility does not detect the fc link corporatlon the server and the ax array.


But I will try that tomorrow, maybe that’s the solution. As to the zoning, I don’t know anything about that, I have near to zero experience with Fibre Channel, sorry. Email Required, but never shown. Emulex lp0 pci x fibre channel adapter on pci bus 03 device 08 irq 20 it even appears the the driver is loaded, 8.

Would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs help fixing their computers. Disk Array configuration Some details about how I performed the configuration on the disk array side. Features The adapters have the following features: Emulex and qlogic 8 gb fibre channel hba adapters deliver.

When selecting a device driver update be sure to select the one that is appropriate for your operating system. Unix my first swturn-x how to check if linux has fibre card. Abstract Streamlined installation and management, plus unrivaled scalability and industry-leading virtualization support make the Emulex 8Gb Fibre Channel single-port and dual-port host bus adapters ideal solutions for enterprise and mixed-OS environments.