Jul 2, Attachments Log of what happens when try to access the tables via the wizard For more information on the new features in version 2, please see our blog post: I downloaded Version 8 Update build 1. EWB has a standard dataset JSON structure that you can generate on your server the format is documented , or you can interpret any other type of data and fill the EWB dataset object in code. Your end user must not distribute the redistributables. Comment 3 Alex Thurgood

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You do not resell, rent, lease or distribute this software alone. It would be necessary in this case for me to make it a separate installation package in order to pass the cost on to my customer. We had potential customers that asked if they can just download product X and then use the driver to get access to their database of another product. Normally they have been very good.

Embarcadero Discussion Forums: Elevate Web Builder 2 is Now Available

This is on a standalone machine not on a network the Database is on the standalone machine. Submit a new link. If not, then EWB includes a PHP template for linking to any database – obviously there is some work involved since Elevate can’t support all possible situations. Bhuban M Mishra Date: Normally you would buy a distribution license for the amount of people you sell to and provide them with the driver. For more information on the new features in version 2, please see our blog post: I am in the boat where I have no need for the driver here, other than perhaps my initial testing to see that it worked.

  L40 18Y DRIVER

If you want support on the ODBC part, buy support from them. Want to add to the discussion? People provide trial versions or free software with our ODBC driver bundled in.

In addition to the rights stated above, Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd grants you a personal, non-exclusive, and royalty-free right to distribute outside of your organization an unlimited amount of copies of the following file “Redistributable”: It’s main benefit elevatesott that it can automatically serve up pre-configured datasets to client-side Elevate Web Builder applications.

That is in my opinion very expansive and the cost is more than the price I qpply elevatesogt my customers for my application.


But the key is that at heart your application runs in the browser, and talks to any type of web server that you wish to connect to. Rocco I guess Hannes will answer soon. Say, for example, each pack would allow for deployments, either here on my computers, or elsewhere on a customer’s computer. The license is not really unclear about it cause distribution is distribution, no matter if it’s a trial or not.


If you are going to put a limit on elevatfsoft number of licences, why not just say “X” licences and eleatesoft it to the developer to decide how they are used.

Regards Rocco Neri If yes, we continue: Comment ovbc Lionel Elie Mamane Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. PHP submitted 9 years ago by mamlambo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Calling all DevEx Developers. Contribute to the PHP Documentation.

I’m going to try Option 1 and 5 and will post the results here for any person with the same query in the future. Comment 9 Alex Thurgood Comment 11 Alex Thurgood I can access the column names using Excel with their wizard getting external data.

We thought that the current licensing is, but apparently there are issues with it. elevayesoft