Also take caution not to change lines that don’t specifically relate to the windows build. The woeful lack of support from Roland is appalling. For that, click start, type in cmd, right click on it and select to run as administrator. You are going to see “8” appear in several lines as part of larger number or thread. Sorry, as i am a new user, i cannot post URL Run the “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” bat file as administrator or open an elevated command prompt.

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These are both current products. Roland’s product support is desperately weak in regard to this.

The ultimate guide to get your Roland/Edirol devices to work with Windows 10. [Updated]

It only provides a pathway for very, very basic communication. Otherwise, I find it a bit tacky I’m on mac. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Your solution works like a charm.

Now navigate to the path you extraced the Windows Vista 64Bit driver to. They are worth much more than quick money you esirol from selling new devices.


Even in bad times. Ca boxes like this should close! AFAIK, there is no technology shift from 8. Getting your devices to work with Windows Might try method 2 when I have muster enough time. More complex devices that have things like visual editors are going to have much more complicated drivers. If you follow my guide there is absolutely no risk of doing any damage to your hardware since it is only about software but I am not taking any responsibilities if you threw a hammer at your device anyways.

Sibelius – the leading music composition and notation software

Thank you and you’re welcome ; 8. Thanks for sharing this. Let’s just assume each person visited this thread or my Youtube videos 2 or 3 efirol.

Tried the method 1 on A pro keyboard did not work. Yes, many devices got updated, but there are also a ton of older ones that did not. Manolo, I would image that each individual device driver. Thanks for this I have a friend who is running a V20 and I will try this on his Laptop. Turning up the volume control on the Edirol increases the natural hiss in the speakers as you’d expect but none of the computer’s audio seems to be making it to the UA I tried Amitte’s method Thanks again, to Helmet Schmitt we are lucky to have his tech smarts and proves there are still some good people in the world.


Amitte, you are a genius.

While Edifol guess I got lucky in my case with the Juno Gi, that doesn’t mean everyone else will be as lucky. I only had to use an other way to disable the driver signature.

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Manolo I made a comparison between. At the time of writing, this thread had about 24 thousand views, and my Youtube videos together have around 20 thousand. Can’t thank you enough for posting this. Method 2 finally got me going after 2 weeks of pain. As we found out, in most cases editing only one number was enough to make the drivers install again and in the others it was two numbers.

Guide here, or watch my newest YouTube video, where I show the process: Ableton and all my harware gear synth, drum machine, edlrol