Less than 10 minutes to rated accuracy following over-voltage. Generates tones that can be detected by a tone probe such as a Fluke Networks IntelliTone probe. Troubleshooting Your Industrial Network. Twin pack of shielded Cat 5e jacks. The selected test standard determines the test parameters and the frequency range of the tests. Standard Link Interface Adapters. Architects, Consultants and Designers.

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Lithium-ion battery pack, 7. Twin pack of shielded Cat 6 jacks. Set of 2 Permanent Link Adapters. Troubleshooting Your Industrial Network.

Datasheet: DTX CableAnalyzer™ |

Main unit and remote: Manufacturers are integral to the testing decisions you make. Welcome to Fluke Networks.

Versiv Cabling Certification System. Service center calibration period is 1 year. Extreme Packets Case Study. This all adds up to save you time and money every day. It also enables you to certify links for other applications, such as video distribution over twisted pair cabling.

These directions not only tell you the problem, but also identify corrective actions your test technicians can take to solve the problem quickly — all without having to consult the project manager.


Fluke Networks Dtx-usb USB Interface Cable for DTX CableAnalyzer Series

When a link fails, the DTX provides quick, easy-to-understand directions to identify the point of failure distance from the tester and the possible reasons for the failure. Six Reasons Certification Is Essential White Paper This paper identifies the specific benefits afforded by cable certification and how cavleanalyzer it pays back to the network owner.

Fiber Inspection and Cleaning. Instead of spending time executing trial and error corrections — and re-testing to find out whether the problem has been resolved — the technician knows exactly where to look and what to do to fix the failing link.

Copper Cable Testers and Tone Generators. Main unit and Smart Remote: Lithium battery Typical life of lithium battery: Occasional ISDN over-voltages will not cause damage.

Fault Locators and Tone Generators. No other tester has delivered as consistently as the DTX.

Fluke Networks Dtx-usb USB Interface Cable for DTX CableAnalyzer Series | eBay

Skip to main content. Extended battery life means you can do more on a single charge. Copper Cable Testers and Tone Generators. This incredible speed means you can test hundreds of links in an eight-hour shift.


The tones are generated on all pairs. Integrity Networks Alaska Branch.

DTX CableAnalyzer™ Series

Fluke Networks has subjected the DTX Series testers to rigorous testing in the labs of leading wiring manufacturers. Its ease-of-use lowers training time.

Skip to main content. Twin pack of shielded Cat 6A jacks. Supported test parameters test standard determines parameters and frequency range reported. Dimensions Main unit and Smart Remote: To support their warranties, your certification tests must be performed with approved tools so you can ensure your customers’ complete satisfaction.