Click on a thumbnail to view the full pic. Congratulations, still looking for one, too. The spacebar has a MX Grey 80g switch. The variant with homing-bars on the F and J keys uses the newer thin keycaps, while the variant with the home-dots uses the older thick keycaps. Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux.

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In this instance the keycaps themselves are shaped specially; in other boards like the Model M the whole assembly is curved to give the sculpted effect.

Compaq MX 11800 Mod

I might swap it with the brown switch under Pause some day. Fri, 04 December Log in or sign up in seconds. It’s very reliable and fast compared with XP 11800 newer. There were also USB models.

These keyboards were designed to be rack-mounted with Compaq servers, and were designed for durability and compactness. Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux. While the layout is similar to the Gthe right Shift key is two units wide, the 1. Congratulations, still looking for one, too. Also I’ve been off Windows for long enough that I forgot how to make it do what Com;aq want.


I know that has been used on many servers. I haven’t put much effort into it yet.

Finally got a Compaq MX

I like it a lot. I have decided that over the holidays I intend on setting up a thin client HP machine with – Windows 1. Nice find, enjoy your browns! Also, the Pause key probably fulfilled some useful function on the Compaq servers this board was designed for, but in modern computers it’s pretty much worthless.

The variant with homing-bars on the F and J keys uses the newer thin keycaps, while the variant with the home-dots uses the older thick keycaps.

On the newer variants with Windows keys, all keys on the bottom row except the space bar are only one unit wide. Advanced search bounce or buckle? I’d trade if not for shipping.

These seem to have been made between and ish. I don’t like them as much as I thought I would. I couldn’t get a clear picture of one on its own. Now I’m using thumbnails, so the thread isn’t clogged up with huge pictures. I wonder if there’s any problems with the trackballs with Windows All keys are working, the trackball, too. compa


Similar to the Gthe winkeyless variant uses 1. This is seen almost exclusively on mechanical keyboards.

Compaq MX Mod – Album on Imgur

Slightly different format this time. There were variants with and without Windows keys. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I’d love to somehow acquire MS Xenix but it has eluded me so far. I just got mine all but working again just a few keys won’t register from the numpad, which actually stinks because I hate the top row comppaq.

It is assumed this change was done so the keyboard could be better fitted into commonly available 1180 drawers. This one still works.