Software In the project directory for the controller we will see the following files: Thanks for your help! These basic functions are used in a 4th function that toggles a given pin on a given gpio port. The entry code is very simple: If the flight fails or hangs, it is assumed that the controller is restarted with the watch dog timer and returns to the main loop without calibrating the sensors.

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Thus, all low-priority tasks are performed once a second and are time-separated. Chronological Newest First Hello. The required modifications to the “fresh” and “conde” macros are given below. I am using the sample code from the atmel-homepage. So, this fixed the first problem but there was still often an unacceptable latency at91sa7 the interrupt.

This interrupt calls the SYSisr handler, which modifies the counter i. UART ports operate in direct memory access mode.

The reasoning is explained under http: In the project directory for the controller we will see the following files: They are then used in functions that: Posted by Marco Jakobs on November 13, Delivered online or on-site.


Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva.

AT91SAM7-64 and TWI (i2C) with FM24C64

But it remained from another version, where there was no GPS, but the route was set by the course and time of the flight by the specified course. Click and talk back!

If SD card present the autopilot parameters are initialized from SD.

If there is no signal, the decision is made to turn on the autopilot, and then the FlStSys function works. Arduino Robotics Lonnie Honeycutt. Especially if the interrupt is fast and there are no other side effects, it does not need to be disabled. I was initially surprised when I first stumbled over the first problem.

The high-priority hold function operates in real time every If there is no SD card, the autopilot parameters are set from the code structure.

A total of 8 interrupt handlers are used in the system. Software In the project directory for the controller at91aam7 will see the following files: The archive is updated every week, so will not always contain the very latest posts. The Figure below shows the graph of the main program cycle.

AT91SAM | AT91SAM and TWI (i2C) with FM24C64

Any ideas are highly appreciated. Create free account Forgot password? The magnetic compass sensor is processed for cycles The PWM initialization code is followed by the definition of a function, set-pwm, that sets the duty cycle of a PWM channel to a given value.


That interrupt then processed the raw data and queued it for a task to further process it. Remember Me Forgot Password? This function generates the plane and engine control signals for the aircraft.

I think it has been touched on a few times in the past – searching for FIQ might find the posts. Even though it violates the minimum PLL input and for that matter, the minimum output? Basically you power-up the device with At911sam7 pulled high the other pins have internal pull-ups so no need to explicitly pull them highwait ar91sam7 about 10 seconds and then power-up the device without TST pulled high.