It has to use a reasonable margin. The package comes bundled with a couple of utilities that caught my eye, Asus Smart Doctor and Tweak utility. Which was a hair slower for the simpler game, and only 6. Per-pixel dot product 3 bump mapping. The included driver-and-utility disc that comes with the V Deluxe is version 5. Note that at these frequencies in overclocking mode the card from ASUSTeK worked with minimum additional cooling in the system block we mounted only one additional fan.

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I checked both cards out with Quake 2 in by resolution, 32 bit colour, using the lightweight standard demo2.

Asus AGP-V Pure Review –

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: We can see that today agp-f7700 frequency is an upper limit for memory working speed of DDR class. Fancy features OK, let’s get the shiny bit out of the way.

New graphics cards often have drivers that aren’t just slow, but also cause crashes. However, if you have the money to spend and need more graphics processing power or must have the best then the GeForce2 GTS is for you. Interestingly that speed increase while overclocking is not so solid because MHz of memory is not enough for MHz graphics core. Balanced design increases overall system performance.

ASUS AGP-V7700 Deluxe GeForce2 GTS graphics card

Smart Doctor also has a built in warning system if your card should even reach its thermal limits and display a warning. Well, not by GeForce2 standards, anyway. In both cases we used maximum quality settings trilinear filtering, maximum level of geometry detailing, texture quality was set to 4. agp-c7700


Now, suddenly visiting Stutter-World is a lot better than just crashing completely. If you’ve got a big and fast enough hard drive, though, you can always go uncompressed, and throw away more than ten megabytes adus disk space per second of video.

They’re often not that different, though. You don’t need a super-card to do DVD playback, by the way. There’s also a pair of video cables – gap-v7700 composite, one S-Video – included.

Hardware monitoring is a handy feature, because it lets you see whether components are being barbecued or under-powered, and can also alert you to annoying fan failures.

If you’re annoyed by agl-v7700 V Deluxe, it’ll probably be by the 3D glasses, which are, as mentioned above, uncomfortable and not as effective as you might think. And it’s still not a professional package – don’t be surprised if a frame or three gets dropped every time Windows decides to have a peek at its swap file. At stock speed, the Leadtek clocked in at With the release of the GeForce2 GTS graphics chipset, vendors are rushing to put their flavors of the board onto store shelves.

The trouble with reference drivers, though, is that they don’t let you use non-standard features like funny video connectors and 3D glasses – the stuff you’re paying for, if you buy a V Deluxe instead of an ordinary GeForce2 GTS board.

There are asux compression “codecs” available for free download which you can fool around with in the ASUS software, but even with a cutting edge CPU you’ll have a hard time matching the quality of uncompressed video – which is very bulky.


Asus AGP-V7700 Pure Review

In result, the cards with 64 MBytes local memory started their way quite gingerly. As for DVD-Video playback, we haven’t any problems here. But this isn’t one of them. I also noticed that the backside of the board didn’t come with a connection for the VR Glasses so I’m a bit puzzled as wgp-v7700 if they will support this feature as they claim to be able to on their website but not on the retail box itself.

The basic limitation of LCD-glasses 3D, though, remains. And as you all know agp-v700 main bottleneck is not the memory size, but a memory bus bandwidth. Here you have the main D3D property window.

ASUS AGP-V Pro based on NVIDIA GeForce2 Pro

But you lose image quality. ASUS is well known for their superb motherboards, which are highly regarded within the hardware ag;-v7700. High Quality Video Playback. The graphics processor is locked up with the radiator on PCB with an active cooler. This board belongs to High-End class and is intended for hardcore gamers.