Posted Mon Jul 11, 8: Posted Sun Jul 10, 9: November 17, Monday. Posted Tue Jul 19, 5: Maybe you’re the type who like more information than a simple schematic? I heard some controllers simply won’t work. Over half the product price.

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We therefore cannot allow exchanges directlad refunds should one of the hereafter mentionned situations occur: Maybe you’re the type who like more information than a simple schematic? If necessary, currency conversion will be done automatically by PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

If nothing helps then maybe consider using a different gamepad like a logitech usb pad or getting a different usb adapter and gamepad i. If you don’t have a parallel portconsider directpwd the USB version instead. Works with the following software: Then there is the Retrozone modification.

Although it’s called like that it supports the same adapters as Dpad Pro. I have taken pictures of almost every single step of the assembly.

AtariAge Sirectpad Lynx Jaguar. The adapter presented on this page uses the parallel port. Help us improve this page by sending test results by email to support raphnet-tech.


All other trademarks are the propriety of their respective owner s. Posted Fri Jul 8, 5: If your controller or game does not appear here, it simply means that we did not get the chance or the idea to test it, or that no one let us know that it works.

This is not a complete list. Why not with the real snes controllers?

SNES Controllers to PC

Posted Fri Jul 8, 6: Edited by Great Hierophant, Fri Jul 8, Some parallel ports are not able to provide enough power to the controller. Posted Tue Jul 12, Posted Tue Jul 19, 5: Javascript Disabled Detected Dirrctpad currently pdo javascript disabled. I found a schematic to build an adapter to do this, and the windows driver on this site www.

Despite it’s name which suggest it is for PSX controllers, it also supports snes controllers.

You could get a parallel to USB port adapter and connect your snes adapter there. Are maybe you would like advices on the assembly of the adapter? It is your responsability to research prior to placing an order.


My new motherboard does not have a parallel port on it and no provision to connect one. Posted Fri Jul 8, But this is very rare. This adapter cable is a classic solution to use Playstation 1 controllers on a PC. This will allow you to use your controller with games which use DirectX.

Snes controller on a PC using the Parallel port

Special game controllers with potentially higher power direectpad may not work. Linux This adapter is supported by the Linux kernel. Posted Fri Jul 8, 4: We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo.